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TPL Wins DOE Phase II

Capacitors represent a key component in many pulsed power systems, in particular power modulators for high energy accelerators. Specific to this need, a major milestone in TPL’s materials technology and manufacturing capability was established in Phase I of the DOE SBIR program. The Phase I program was successfully completed and technical feasibility for producing a low loss, high energy density nanocomposite film was established. The dielectric film demonstrates the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties to support capacitor capabilities needed to meet critical capacitor performance demands in government and commercial applications.

The Phase II is directed at realizing the performance capabilities of the nanocomposite film in high energy capacitors. To achieve this result, TPL will pursue a wound metallized film capacitor design using conventional manufacturing processes. Expectations are for capacitors capable of high peak current delivery, fast rise-time, long life, and high reliability in a packaged configuration with three times greater energy density than current technology.

TPL considers this a breakthrough in capacitor technology that will provide significant advantages in applications related to accelerators, pulse power, cancer treatment, and electric vehicles. The increase in energy density will improve efficiency, reduce overall system cost, enable significant reductions in mass and volume, and enable mobile power systems. Further, the nanocomposite possesses high temperature capabilities (>200°C) that will allow TPL capacitors to operate in environments without active cooling, e.g., in vehicle engine compartments. For further information please contact Trista Mosman at 505.342.4439 or via email.

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