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TPL Wins Air Force Phase II entitled “Wide Temperature, High-Frequency Capacitors for Aerospace Power Conditioning Applications”

February 2011

The success of this Phase II will enable the miniaturization of electrically driven technologies for future aircraft weapons platforms. Similar benefits can also be realized in commercial hybrid electric vehicle applications, where reduction in size and increased efficiency will offer lower fuel consumption and lighter total weight in vehicles. An additional application for high temperature, compact filter capacitors will be in the utility industry for high power converters, where operating temperature and size are also key concerns. Commercial vehicles are expected to experience the most significant impact overall. The sales of light-duty hybrid electric vehicles are projected to advance to more than 2,000,000 in 2015. In addition, heavy-duty bus and truck fleets are systematically being upgraded to hybrid electric drives. Each of these commercial hybrid units will benefit for more compact, higher performance capacitors.

Electrically driven technologies are replacing hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems in new military aircraft designs to improve capability, reliability and maintainability. This transition requires high performance electronic components capable of operating over a wide temperature range. Capacitors, which provide necessary power conditioning, have been identified as a limiting component for these architectures. New dielectric materials and capacitor designs are needed to provide high specific capacitance and operation at high temperature. TPL completed a successful Phase I program to address this need and demonstrated fundamental proof-of-feasibility for a capacitor design using a novel dielectric film technology. A high dielectric constant film based on fluorinone polyester (FPE) polymer modified with titanate nanopowder was developed. Thermal and electrical performance characteristics of the FPE nanocomposite and packaging materials support a significant advance in high temperature capacitors. The Phase II will focus on incorporating the FPE nanocomposite film into capacitors using industry standard manufacturing techniques. Successful completion of the proposed program will result in a novel capacitor technology that addresses the Air Force’s need for compact power conditioning modules in advanced aerospace weapons systems. Capacitors will be fabricated with FPE nanocomposite film and packaged to provide high volumetric capacitance (>1.0 ìF/cm3) and operation from -55 to 300°C at 150 kHz.

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