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TPL Begins Work on Air Force Phase II STTR entitled HED Caps Phase II Begins

October 2011

The Phase II overall project objective is development and demonstration of a high temperature FPE nanocomposite film capacitor design at a subscale level, at least 5µF, that validates the performance, operational temperature and manufacturing viability of full scale capacitors.

High energy density capacitors are required for practical implementation of GW-class pulse power systems on mobile platforms. In response to this need, TPL has established unique dielectric and capacitor capabilities. Revolutionary materials, designs and manufacturing processes have been developed for power sources that have potential for an order of magnitude reduction in mass and volume relative to current commercially available capacitors. The technology is based on novel nanocomposite formulations that can be reliably formed into capacitors of complex shape and efficiently scaled for system integration. The Phase I STTR was successfully completed and led to a fundamental discovery relative to nanocomposite dielectrics for high energy storage density. The development work demonstrated that particle defect chemistry can be engineered to control and enhance voltage stress capability in nanocomposites. The Phase II development will focus on optimizing nanopowder defect chemistry with respect to electrical properties and demonstrating the energy storage capabilities in a novel, high energy density capacitor design. Experimental data will be acquired on capacitors and reconciled against theoretical, atomic-scale modeling at University of Connecticut. A final program objective and deliverable will include a kilo-joule capacitor bank designed to meet Air Force pulse power requirements.

Successful completion of the program will benefit development in several defense related power conditioning, control electronics and directed energy systems. High energy electrical storage systems with reduced size and weight are required for applications including: high energy laser, high power microwave, electric armor, electric guns, electric launch, particle accelerators and ballistic missile applications.

For further information please contact Trista Mosman at 505.342.4439 or via email.

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