Vice President of Capacitance Products, Kirk Slenes, delivers presentation at the International Conference on High Temperature Electronics (HiTEC).  View his presentation here.
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High Energy Density (HED) Capacitors

High Energy Density  (HED) Film Capacitors

TPL has established specialty fabrication capabilities for production of high voltage capacitors with significantly reduced size and weight. TPL’s metallized film capacitors have demonstrated energy densities of over twice that of current state-of-the-art capacitors. TPL’s new capacitors are considered an enabling technology for a number of military and select commercial pulsed power systems.

Polymer High Energy Density (HED)  Film Capacitors

TPL’s unique capabilities are based on a molecularly designed dielectric polymer. The innovative design and process, involves continuous coating of TPL’s polymer onto high density paper and custom metallizing to specification. Conventional winding and compact packaging of TPL’s film allows for energy densities of 2.5 J/cc

Composite High Energy Density (HED)  Film Capacitors

High Temperature Applications
TPL has developed processes for fabricating unique capacitors that possess both high operating temperature and high specific capacitance. The dielectric is a nanocomposite material system comprised of TPL’s nanosize titanate particles and a thermally stable polymer. This innovative capacitors are projected to be thermally stable at 300°C and have volumetric efficiency over twice that of conventional high-temperature devices, 3.0µF/cc.

High Voltage Applications
Composite dielectric films are being developed using a combination of TPL’s molecularly designed dielectric polymer and TPL’s nanosize titanate particles. The unique approach is based on a composite material that offers a combination of high dielectric constant and high dielectric strength. TPL’s nanosize, titanate powders are uniformly dispersed and aligned (structured) in a thermal setting polymer film matrix. TPL projects capacitor capabilities with an energy density greater than 5.0 J/cc.

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