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Dielectric Composites

Nano Composite Dielectrics
TPL’s composite dielectric material represents a significant breakthrough in dielectric materials for high energy density capacitors. Efforts in this area have transitioned from materials development, supported by basic R & D contracts, to device fabrication for a number of pulsed power and directed energy applications. TPL has developed composite materials possessing a high dielectric constant (k>50) and forming capabilities of a polymer. The nano-composite dielectric can be molded into engineering substrates or cast into complex electrode structures for producing high voltage capacitive components. TPL has established processes for fabricating substrate dielectric and capacitors in a number of configurations including strip lines, rods, sheets and blocks.

TPL, Inc. offers custom materials and passive components for high voltage and high power applications.  TPL’s nanocomposite dielectrics provide compact energy storage, power transmission and voltage protection through a combination of high dielectric constant and voltage strength.  Design and manufacture of compact capacitors, pulse forming structures, antennas and surge protection is available.

Ceramic Components

TPL designs and produces specialty ceramic components using formulated titanate powder. Specialty parts, primarily for high voltage and high frequency applications, are produced to meet custom dimensions and electrical properties. TPL’s processes accommodate a range of capacitor and substrate geometries. In addition, powder formulations are tailored to achieve specific performance characteristics including dielectric constant, dielectric loss and insulation resistance.

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