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Custom Barium, Strontium or Specialty Titanate Lots per Customer Specifications in Quantities of 5-30kg!

Customize Your Own Lot of Titanate!

TPL, Inc. manufactures custom lots of our Titanate Powders for its customers in quantities of 5kg – 30kg.  TPL has the ability to formulate powders to meet customer specifications in purity, size, ratios and dopants.  TPL has the smallest commercially available titanates in the United States.

TPL’s titanate powders offer high purity, nanometer size and are designed to meet demanding electronics applications.  TPL can manufacture a range of titanate powders with controlled size and chemistry. NanOxide™ powders are produced via an aqueous, low temperature process that allows for binary and tertiary oxide compositions with controlled stoichiometries. The crystalline ceramic powders have uniform spherical morphology and high dielectric constant with sintering temperatures as low as 1000° C. Various dopants can be used with binary compositions to modify properties for a wide range of ferroelectric applications.

Our titanate powders have been successfully used in multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), monolithic ceramic capacitors, ceramic tapes, polymer composites, polymer-ceramic composites, electrode pastes and piezoelectric devices. TPL’s Barium Strontium titanate thin films and composites are finding application into a wide range of broadband RF and microwave devices such as tunable filters, phase shift devices, electromagnetic absorbers and antennas. 

TPL’s titanate powders are readily dispersible in aqueous and non-aqueous solvents with their formulated dispersing agent, NanoSperse 484, specifically designed to enhance dispersion of ceramic powders in both aqueous and organic solvents.

TPL, Inc. has considerable experience with slurry production, tape cast compositions, composite formulations, dry pressing and firing operations and can assist in determining a process for your application.

You now have the ability to customize our titanate powders to best suit your application!!

For further information please call 505.344.6744.

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